How to Get More Writing Done: Treat it Like a Job

I got a bunch of writing done last weekend. Felt better about myself! It did feel weird though, the process of writing faster. Let me explain it!

Honestly, if you want to get faster and better at anything, you have to start setting firm or specific benchmarks for yourself. A daily word count. A deadline. A set time limit. Any of those will help.

Also, treat the writing like a job. When you are at work, you go go go for the 8 hours, right? So when you want to get a bunch of writing done, go go go for that hour or few hours, more or less. The focus is completion. You have to trust your gut that your quality will naturally come out without you having to slow down or double check as you work. Also, you can just edit on a later day, or once a week.

There is not really some magic trick I think to writing faster. If you go faster, you naturally have to look over a bit of quality and a bit of detail. But, getting something down is better than getting nothing down. It is far easier to edit something written than stare at an unwritten scene.

I think it comes down to the mentality of rushing through writing for 1 to 3 hours. For me personally, I peter out after 3 hours of writing no matter what. I have to take a break and then come back to get to a good speed after the 3 hour mark.

Making the time is also important. One has to sacrifice other activities to scoop up that hour or 3 hours for writing time. Or one can push activities to a later day so this day or this night can be about writing.

Hope this helps.

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