Prioritize: Managing Time and Efficiency

I don’t really have anything meaningful to say with this post. I am just doing my weekly duties, but I hopefully can still say something somewhat useful.

Oh yeah, I got this song done this week.

Remix of a prior vocal song

I really haven’t done enough writing this month, or last month. So I am making some changes to my time and schedule to increase the writing speed from almost nothing to something.

  • Reducing some socializing with friends, primarily to save time.
  • Reading less Reddit, which I usually read for 45 minutes each night.
  • Faster daily internet browsing, again to save time.
  • Attaching deadlines to my writing, such as getting enough writing done to be ready to order another illustration this weekend.

The hard truth is if I want to do more writing, I need to sacrifice, delete and cut out other things. I need to squeeze and put the pressure on other items in my life to truly make time and make space.

Less Reddit. Less lollygagging. Still getting good sleep. I actually needed to catch up on sleep, so last night I slept from 11 to 8. Felt better energy wise for sure.

I am pushing writing to truly be higher in my priority list for every day. Not truly number one, sadly, but still a serious priority. I am making writing a more credible and true priority. After all, honestly, I am probably the only one who truly cares about it. So if I don’t care about it everyday, no one else will pick it up. That isn’t a joke.

I need to push harder, work faster, spend more time, just…. give it more space in my life and my brain.

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