The Why: Why Does It Matter?

You know, at least for fiction writers, all we are doing is creating made up stories with imaginary characters. From that respect, each story is the same, just a creation of the mind. Something that is not realistic.

So why write fiction?

Why does a fiction story matter, if it’s all lacking the impact of real world presence or existence?

Why does the character matter? Why does the story matter, amid the many imaginary stories?

Well, if nothing, the story is supposed to be entertainment. But that isn’t ENOUGH for me. I don’t want to make something that just becomes 2 hours or 10 hours of meager entertainment. Thank god I recently binge watched the Rebuild of Evangelion film series.

If you don’t know what that is, or don’t watch anime, sorry—I’m gonna lose you with this example.

Evangelion is a famous 90s anime TV series. It is well known for its mecha robot battles and deep story. It’s a pretty off the wall or crazy story at times too. I finished the final Rebuild movie recently, the brand new one from 2021, and it gave me a fleeting sense of courage and fulfillment. The creator of the film series and TV series intentionally added complex story elements to go against the mecha action genre expectations. Bold. It paid off for him.

So why did Evangelion matter? Its audience remembers the property as a whole for its impactful world, memorable characters and thoughtful story themes, among other things. And while I don’t think the story or show truly changed 90% of its watchers’ lives, it was still memorable enough to make the creator and series famous.

I guess I’m grasping more at what makes fiction or entertainment more than just entertainment that is mostly forgotten after a day.

I don’t really have any good answers. I think if a story is impactful but also highly relatable to the consumer, it has a good chance of being remembered and maybe even utilized in real life.

How the heck does art transcend its entertainment shell and impact real life? How I wish I knew.

Movies influencing movies. Yeah. Nice. But what about the real world, or the lives of the people who consume the content? I don’t think there is a very easy answer to this. Maybe the characters are what people remember the most in the end…

So why make fiction? Well, for that, fiction can be something fun to make. Yeah, entertaining. It can also amuse others.

I’ll post if I ever figure out how to make fiction genuinely move and impact other people, beyond its entertainment value.

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