Writing Update: Making Some Progress

I have been really busy with work and normal adult life lately.

But! I took a look last night at my outline. Part 3 of Splattering Yet Endearing is almost done. A key scene is coming up pretty soon, which will bookend or be the end of that part. I already know one of the big key scenes in Part 4, which will also be used for a painted book cover illustration for Part 4! I would explain it all in details, but, you know, spoilers!

I believe I will be able to squeeze in writing time on some of the weekday nights and on the weekends soon. By soon, like this week or next week. I want to finish off Part 3, though I need to edit too…..and get those 2 key scenes written! Then I can get the illustration done, by the end of this month! I can already picture the illustration in my head, just need to work out the clothing details and the scenery. I won’t really know that until I get to the scene itself, in Part 4!

I also anticipate getting a song remix done in a week or two, kinda in the background. I am happy for that. I like music a lot, though music is not the core focus of the project or series. I don’t imagine many readers will care much about music for a book series. If it was an anime or movie or TV series, it would be super useful!

I still love the music though. I am deeply involved in nearly everything if not everything made for the series. I have to provide direction, after all.

So yeah, Part 3, Part 4, illustration, song remix and real life! I hope to have more writing time a month from now. I have written pretty little the past month or two.

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