Thoughts on Freelance Writing

I have done a bit of freelance writing on Fiverr and Upwork. I wrote a few articles on Upwork and did a few editing projects on Fiverr. Freelance work is quite a slow thing to start up to be honest. I have spent multiple hours browsing and updating my profiles there and understanding the marketplaces and rules. It’s not easy, at least for me. I think if I used hot or attractive pictures on those sites it would be better.

Most basic writing jobs offer a 1 cent a word rate. This rate is pretty good for a student or teen, but unless you write super fast, it doesn’t really work out well for someone like me. I personally write more slowly and focus more on research and quality. My current goal is to find writing work that pays either an hourly rate or something higher than 1 cent a word, as weird as that may sound.

I still enjoy writing, for sure. It’s just been like 3 months since I have begun investing time into building seller presences on Fiverr and Upwork. Fiverr is fun because the website is simple to use and easy to setup. Upwork can be a bit more picky so the startup takes longer.

Probably each writing freelancer has their own unique story on their journey. I think if I had to start over I would tell myself that it is a long term project. The income is unstable, and fairly nonexistent to be honest. There is a crapton of competition on both sites, so I do not put a ton of hope in making freelancing a full time thing. I of course hope it will one day. It’s not impossible. But jeez…months of effort…

If you decide to join one of the sites, you may want to pay extra money for advertising or extra Connects. It is super hard to stand out from the competition. Also, almost no one wants to buy from someone with zero or only a few reviews. My application success rate must be like, 3% or less. It’s that hard.

At least on Fiverr you wait around for the work to come to you, what work you get. Still…slower than I expected, and I can only hope it has more potential one day. It’s more like something to do for fun at this point, than a serious job or serious source of income right now. Maybe in a year it will do better. I can only hope so.

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