Writing When Life Is Busy

I admit.

I have not been writing a lot lately.

I am supposed to be ordering another illustration for Part 4 this week. I’m not even done with Part 3 yet, of my fiction series. So I am behind my own schedule or pacing. Granted, I had legitimate reasons for not writing so much this month. But I also had less legitimate reasons.

Making music has been great fun during the past month. I kind of got addicted to music and expanded the scope of my series’s soundtrack from 2 songs to 10…7 or so that I plan to order in the future. This has taken so much time away though since I had to search for, scour for, interview and select singers and composers. Frankly, music isn’t compulsory or required to release my books. I like the music a lot, but ultimately I have lost a lot of time because I didn’t do MY JOB, writing!

I have thought a lot, multiple times a day, about my characters. But I have not really turned those thoughts into meaningful words for the story. They are more or less ready to go. But I simply did not block out or set aside the time to continue WRITING their stories…

My job has been busy. I have done some overtime work and it has been a bit nerve wracking overall. I have also been reading more books and articles, though now I am cutting back on those to save time.

I was also more into social media for marketing my books. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. They were kind of fun to be involved with but were honestly more like time sinks with not much to show for them. I feel now like I would have done better spending 70% of all that time just writing more of my book. All these side projects and side tasks don’t mean anything if the books, the main products, don’t get done.

Sometimes I get in the way.

Sometimes life gets in the way.

And here I am, with less writing than I would like, and a precarious life that I am trying to tie down or secure, like a wild sail flapping in the wind.

Sometimes I just knowingly good off. I don’t MEAN to procrastinate…but when I spend a month on music and about 20% of that time is spend on actual writing…my focus simply isn’t proper. I love the music. I am as closely involved in it as I am with my writing and anything else. But I failed to do MY PART which kind of misses the point. I convinced myself that sort of writing or writing for a side project was writing. Well, technically it is. But it doesn’t advance my series, so it’s ineffective.

I missed my own job (writing the series)…how ironic. I enjoy searching for freelancers and working with them, I feel like a producer or producer’s assistant or whatever it’s called. The scope of the stuff I have worked with boggles my mind sometimes. Jumping from fiction words to drawings to music to lyrics to story lore to character personalities…a lot is going on throughout.

What’s the point? I don’t know…I think I lost sight. I lost focus. I abandoned my duties and told myself my substitutes were appropriate but they really weren’t substitutes. I just spent less time writing. So much of the story is still untold, in the series. I have to huddle and hover closely with writing and illustrations for now. Music got the spotlight for a solid month at least. I surely have plans for more music, for sure. But…I can only do so much in a month. The story, which only I can really tell, must be told by me. So I gotta huddle with the story and remember to pump it out…not telling myself that sidetracking or substitutions are OK instead of writing.

As for the rest of my life, which is important and in need of attention, it’s getting plenty of time anyways. The lion’s share.

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