Juggling Writing With Other Projects

OK I admit, I didn’t do very much writing in the past week. My job work has been busier. Also, I have been working on getting more music done with freelancers. I love working on the side projects or complimenting work for Splattering Yet Endearing, the artwork and music and etc, but man it is time consuming. It takes time because I have to find freelancers, pre qualify them, communicate with them, draft the project details and check revisions as the project moves to completion.

This music track is the latest finished product by the way.

So yeah. Fun. Useful. Fulfilling. Time consuming.

The result is, less time for writing. Need to work on that…anyways. Every author has to deal with this. Authors hire cover designers, editors and the like to help them out. They are necessary and useful steps, but are also stuff that will reduce time from writing.

I gotta step my game up, do my part, actual WRITING lol. Life gets in the way eh?

I guess my point to this post is that juggling projects really means you just spend less time on each task. So to be more productive, I recommend other authors to limit the number of side projects. Be sure the majority of the time is dedicated to actually writing your book or story.

Till next time. (Bennett the Sage reference, for no reason)

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