How To Order Original Songs: A Quick Primer

Yes, I know it is a bit weird to order songs or music for fiction books. I do it anyways.

This post is in connection with my post on how to find freelancers and related in structure to how to find illustrators.

This is what I do when I order original songs for my fiction:

  1. Write enough of the story first. You need a description as your basis for the song. It will also help to determine the mood of the song.
  2. Draft up a song title and a bullet point list of what you want the song to accomplish, what genre it is, maybe what instruments it uses.
  3. Find music examples, like on YouTube. Just songs that fit the mood or feeling of what you want your song to be. Keep a list of this, and even make a playlist of those music examples!
  4. Seek out freelancers on Soundcloud, Upwork, Fiverr etc.
  5. Search for a few composers or music producers, or, submit a request that you are looking for music.
  6. Sort your freelancers by price and genre. Weed some out.
  7. Browse the reviews and examples of each seller. Note the ones who can do the genre or type of song you like.
  8. Select your seller.
  9. Submit your handy documentation you made in steps 1 through 3.
  10. Be ready to listen to rough drafts of songs and provide feedback and revision guidance.
  11. After hopefully 2 or 5 back-and-forths, have your completed song!

This is the only original song I have so far from a freelancer, but I am happy with it.

Songs are cool. Almost EVERYONE loves music. It transcends countries, cultures and languages. It also just adds something to entertainment, don’t you think?

For me, the music is really just a side project since it isn’t needed to publish my fiction series. I still enjoy it though, as a way of further enhancing and deepening the characters and the story’s lore and informing readers of the characters. And, I learn about music too doing all this! Sure I don’t make the song, but I learn about the process. I am also involved in directing it, in a way.

Songs are enjoyable. Making original songs with freelancers just feels so cool, to me.

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