Creating A Book Cover (Author’s Side)

Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 1 Book Cover

This is the realistic style illustration I will use for the book cover of Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 1. It features Iteni, in a coincidental solo feature, a cover all for herself.

How did this cover come about?

I did not draw this myself, LOL. I hired a graphic designer (someone who can draw stuff).

Anyways, it all started years ago when I first came up with Iteni in my head. I have known for many years that she has blonde hair, white skin and lives in Maine. More details came into play as I wrote the first parts of Splattering Yet Endearing. Of course, there are scenes in the story where Iteni is doing something. These became natural inspiration for the illustration later on.

So come two months or so ago, I was finally ready to get a cover done for Splattering Yet Endearing: Part 1 (Part 1). I needed to think about what the cover would show. Who would it show, where would it be set, would it be from a real scene in the story or a non canon pose shot…

I already had a few other covers done before, so I had a template I followed. It ends up being a roughly 5 page document.

The Template:

  • The Scene To Draw-Literally a copy and paste of the scene in the story that I want drawn, with bold and highlighted text to single out the visual elements of the scene or moment to draw.
  • Broad Goal-Basically point out I want a realistic or whatever style book cover.
  • Art Style-Specify which art style I want. In this case, realism with detail and clarity, as opposed to a painting or a minimalist illustration.
  • Looking At Your Art-Showing examples of art I like from the artist’s past work.
  • Character Description-Describing the character’s personality and visual appearance. Mood, hair, height, clothing etc. This is a fairly lengthy section.
  • What is the intention of this scene?-Describing what I want the scene and illustration to convey, from my author POV. This plainly lays out the meaning of the scene.
  • The Environment of the scene-Describing the area the scene takes place in. This helps to make the visuals for the background of the illustration. This section could be long depending on the environment of your chosen scene.
  • The Clothes of the scene-What the characters are wearing!! This is important, unless your character is shirtless or naked or something.

Then there’s the whole process after of picking and hiring an illustrator. That’s another big step.

After you hire and begin working with an illustrator, there will be a bunch of back and forth and revisions most likely. This is when all your detail is vital so you can get your illustration to be super close to the original scene in the story. This step is also important because you do not want to get to the end and realize you need major changes and need to backtrack.

I may do a post about how the revision and back and forth process works…next time.

3 thoughts on “Creating A Book Cover (Author’s Side)

  1. Interesting post. Book Covers are so important, especially for new authors. I know that I’ve bought books just because I like the cover.


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