Why I Still Like Writing: A Deeper Look

I’m the kind of guy who likes to write stories with meaning. I don’t just want an action story, or a fairy tale story, or a decent story…I want to tell a story that really stands out and moves people. A story that maybe even changes or affects their lives.

Why is this important to mention? Because sometimes it feels like all the time, energy and effort spent is spent in an unusual way. I am burrowing myself into countless imaginary characters, plot points, computer text and the like. This all boils down to a creation of the mind, in this case, a fantasy creation of the mind. In other words, entertainment.

Sometimes I ask myself, who really needs or wants entertainment? Surely some people would rather have a nice steak, a new sports car or something more tangible and useful…

This really comes down to mission and motivation, I think. One has to ask, why the hell is it worth it to spend so many hours on a product or result that is optional for many people?

So, every now and again, I ask myself: Why am I really writing? I know it may never financially pay off. I know it may never be read by more than a few hundred people. But why am I still driven to spend months and probably years of my precious time on this?

Well…I just like writing. I like my characters. I like my story. Sure, in a few hundred years it may all be forgotten or otherwise long archived out of the masses’ consideration…but I guess I consider it my calling. I sure do hope it pays off financially one day, even though I know the odds are stacked against me. I think I just want to see the final product. I want to bring the story to fruition. Why?

…No real reason, honestly. I just really want to. Hence why I consider it my calling. I am so personally invested into my characters and story, I can’t see myself giving up. As long as I have the mind, memory and physical strength to write…I am convinced that I always will.

Maybe it is less a commitment to writing, and more a commitment to my series’ story. That sense of commitment has kept me going, kept me motivated. Otherwise, I could have long since left this entire concept in the dust, 5 or 7 years ago.

I just really have a story I want to tell…

And more than just that. I hope that my story can change some of the readers. Some people impress on the world with businesses, or movies, or volunteering. My method is writing. Maybe the ideas in my series will inspire some change. At the very least, I hope it provides enjoyment and comfort.

I want readers to wonder about certain things, to think about things I don’t think they have thought about before. For some of them, maybe, they will have the courage to make their own lives or the world better through something in my writing that indirectly or directly impacted them.

I don’t want my writing to just be entertainment, though that is a decent accomplishment already. I want my writing to do something AFTER they stop reading it. I want the world to change. I want to move people. Not literally, but you know, make them consider new ideas or new things via my writing. Good things, of course.

Entertainment is nice and all…but actual change is more thrilling.

Yes, all of my writing for my series will be fiction. But I hope that with the level of detail, realism and immersion that I imbue into the story, that life itself may change.

And why does changing someone or changing the world matter? I dunno.

The billionaires who want to go to space were partially inspired by entertainment, such as sci fi writers and Star Trek. To think, some fake crap and fantasy inspired REAL dreams, REAL desires and REAL ambition…

I want better things for humanity, nature and animals—if possible.

Writing is a cool journey for me too. I end up reading about all kinds of stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise, such as women’s health, periods, women’s clothing, tech, (I promise it’s not all women’s stuff) cuisines, sport cars and more. I enjoy doing all this research!

Remember…when I write my characters, I essentially have to come up with full and complete people.

I have been writing deeply about my characters lately. Having to ponder each one’s POV is interesting. It made me realize…writers are really people who are learning to understand.

I began to understand more about girls’ behavior, periods, different sports cars, lots of different types of clothing, different personalities…all this research and thinking about characters really just boils down to understanding. Trying to understand how three different people think is…understanding! Reading about different cars is understanding…about car styles and car fashion! It’s ALL about understanding. Understanding a fictional world, each character, how and why characters react and interact with each other…

Understanding characters is kind of like trying to understand other people IRL, you know? Thinking about more than just yourself, your life, your bubble, your habits.

So why do I still like writing? Well…many reasons. But why do I still like it beyond the initial thrill or novelty? I think because…beyond my natural enjoyment of it…I just enjoy my story and characters so much. It is entertaining for ME to research, discover and develop everything for the series. I enjoy…well…I still like writing because I just do. I want to see the full journey of the story and characters too…I obviously have high hopes for them.

I still like writing because it is a form of discovery and creation for me, similar to traveling, playing with Legos or starting a business. I am sure there are other various reasons too. I just want to tell my story and also see where it goes. How does it mature…develop…etc.

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