WIP (Work In Progress) Snippit: A Store, A Night, A Snack

The below scene is for readers 18+.

Our car stops in front of the station’s convenience store and shuts off. Iteni gets out and gallops to the convenience store. I slowly and groggily unbuckle my seat belt, and get out. Shutting the door without enthusiasm—fuck it’s cold. I open the door and pull out my jacket and put it on, zipping it all the way up. I shut the door again and walk over to stand below the tiny roof of the store, just enough space to stand right next to the store windows and not get wet. The store’s inside is bright—anyone can see everything that goes on in there.

Rain drips with steady and light pacing, with occasionally big drops falling off the edge of the store’s roof. In the far distance, light rumbling and a few flashes of lightning blaze the night sky. Iteni eventually emerges with a large hot dog in a bun, plus a half unwrapped ice cream bar. She already has taken a few bites out of the ice cream bar. Iteni: Oh, I look over at Iteni as her wide, shocked eyes look back at my face, I… 

She sticks out her ice cream treat, Iteni: Want some?

Porma: Nah Iteni. I look at the falling rain, our car—and the rare single cars that slide by the station, splashing through the thin road water as they pass. Ice cream sandwich bread and vanilla ice cream shove between my teeth, Porma: Gahr! I muffle and raise my arms, tilting back a little.

Iteni: I know you’re hungry Porma, softly as she retracts her sandwich a little.

I look forward again, I’m not hungry—though I am thirsty.

Hmph. She turns around and looks through the store windows, towards the drinks in the back. I look back there too and look back at Iteni. Porma: I’ll be back—I walk past her and enter the store. It smells like candy and nachos inside.

In the back, I open one of the drink doors and take out a tall can of Maine Halfsies Tea. Just a dollar. Perfect!

Well, a dollar and some change. I hand the cashier a dollar and a dime. He hands back 4 pennies—I put them in my pocket. I take my cold drink too. Snapping it open, the drink rushes a cool mixture of iced tea and lemonade into my mouth, tongue and body. Gulping the can down while I walk, I go back out to Iteni. 

Iteni: Heheh. I just look at her as I walk around a trash can and her—and stand beside her. I continue to drink sip after sip from the half full can. Gr-rrrummble. 

I look up at the dark sky, illuminated by only a few stars and the lights from the gas station and the store. The smells of rainwater, warm hot dogs and mustard are in the air. There’s 6 or so pumps here, but almost no one is around. The main source of light here, is the gas station store. Nearly everywhere else, there is darkness and dripping rainfall. Rain continues to fall down, Porma: So—

What is that? She says with empty hands.

Uhmmm, I look at the front of the can, Maine Halfsies Tea.

Looks refreshing.

Porma: Thanks, ha. I raise the can as a small toast or salute. Iteni pulls out a pouch of Big Acre Chew, a funny package of pink bubble gum. She takes out the entire piece from the package and inserts it into her mouth. Her teeth quickly make work out of all of the gum as she chews loudly on it. Her chewing sounds enjoyable.

That music was fun. That jumping was fun—in the club. Porma: Sigh. as steam leaves my face. Iteni puts one hand behind her back and leans on a horizontal bar that’s affixed to the building, pausing her chewing: Porma: Showing off your curves eh?

Iteni: What?

Porma: PFFFFFT. Sorry, didn’t mean to say that.

A-heh. Well I mean uh, she looks down at the store sidewalk, then looks back up and straight ahead, you had some moves Porma.


Mmm heh. It’s OK. You work and all. She scooches closer to me. Your work, you can’t help it. chewing a little more on her gum.

What, you mean my limo work?

Yeah, whatever you call that. She looks at my right wrist, briefly.

Hmph. The rain has slowed into a drizzle as I get the sudden urge to step forward and walk to the pumps. Iteni follows me.

You wanna go do something in the forest? with a hint of puzzlement.

Uh, just walk down the road a bit I guess. I want to finish this can and throw it away.

Hmph. Why is her body so hot?

We start walking—down the right edge of the road. There’s no sidewalk, so we just walk on dirt, branches and roots to the right of the road’s pavement. Trees partially cover us from the rain and obscure the moonlight and the streetlights. Dirt shuffles with snapping wood under our steps and feet.

Gr-KRumble. A flash of light appears behind a tall pine tree—up ahead and to the right of us.

Something pokes me twice on my back. Iteni: …Maybe we should go back.

What are you, a pussy? I turn around and Iteni has a stern and slightly pissed look in her eyes. She looks like the meanest judge ever, mentally hitting me in the forehead. Porma: Oh yeah, sure. Maybe she just hates nighttime rain. Her night silhouette is domineering, with its solid, deep black existence. I feel like I need to shit now. Mulch and wood crackle underneath our feet as we turn around and walk back to the gas station. 

My drink is nearly done and a little bland now; I throw it out at a trash can at the end of a gas pump island. Iteni keeps walking to the Code. Porma: Hey, have you ever been to an outdoor mall?



Porma: Nevermind.

Fine Porma. She unlocks the car and gets in the driver’s seat, with a calm and non-chewing mouth. I slide into my passenger seat while both of us click our seat belts in. Iteni starts the car as I lean back into my seat and watch the windshield and its scenery—as we leave. It’s 10 something at night. Rain is still constantly falling outside, on the windshield, the road and everything else. The radio plays quiet, energetic pop music as the car’s fans provide lukewarm air to us.

We wind down into more outdoor darkness, passing more isolated roads and traffic light intersections, making a quiet night journey back home.

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