Frugal Author: Why I Like Self Publishing

Self publishing rules! It is THE BEST. Just kidding. Traditional publishing has serious strengths, but this post is about self publishing so let me talk it up.

  • You generally get more royalties per sale when self publishing. Supposedly, your profit per ebook sale can be as high as 97%! You will probably always pay 3% or 4% for the credit card processors. This is because you do not need to pay royalties to a publisher.
  • You get more control. Since I intend to self publish, I can publish whenever I want. I also control all of my marketing and branding (though this is super time consuming). I really like how I don’t need permission to publish. I just virtually waltz up to Amazon or Google and send off my ebook file and other data, whenever I am ready!
  • I personally feel less restricted in terms of my content. If I was forced to pass my book through an agent, publisher or editor, I would feel some pressure to not be 100% myself in the book. After all, those parties have their images to uphold. Just a thought.

That’s really it in a nutshell. Now to be a bit objective, let me look at some downsides of self publishing.

  • Generally, self publishers sell less books. This is because big publishers have professional marketers, a marketing plan and clout. Having a big publisher behind your book can automatically add credibility.
  • You are more or less on your own. By saving money by not dealing with publishers, you are pushing all of the responsibility of editing, marketing and publishing all onto yourself. You can do it all alone, but you will be doing the job of 5 people. You can hire help to offset this, but that costs money.

I think I ended up choosing self publishing mainly for the higher royalties and control. I don’t personally want to wait 6-24 months for a publisher to OK my book. Once it’s ready, it’s ready. I like being able to pick all the doodads even though it takes hours and weeks to choose everything. The book cover, colors, website design, all that.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Author: Why I Like Self Publishing

  1. Got your contact from Goodreads- thank you so much for the information-I’m just in the process of learning all of this myself-it is very kind of you putting that are there for all of us newbies 🙂


    1. There’s a lot to learn. I’m learning new stuff every week…”On Writing” by Stephen King is good. There’s lots and lots of online websites with publishing advice too. Check out the Ingram spark blog.


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