5 Useful Marketing Resources For Authors (Free)

Here I will list 5 useful resources from the Web that are free and discuss marketing and publishing. I am planning to self publish, so the slant will be towards do-it-yourself, self publishing.

Goodreads Survey

A very helpful and insightful survey with statistics on readers habits on Goodreads.com! Readers provide their preferences on serialization, why they picked a book to read, where they bought their book and more. Seeing these stats was SO HELPFUL for me since I care primarily about the reader when I write and market my book.

134 Publishing Questions

A nice, general catch all on publishing, this article is very insightful. Learn about writing software, literary agents, query writing and much more on this one webpage!

Mark Dawson Forbes Article

Mark made a ton on Amazon selling his books. His story is inspirational for how to find business or financial success with your writing. It’s a long journey to profitability, why not learn from a pro? Supposedly his success came from “a loyal fanbase…[and] Facebook advertising”.

How To Self Publish A Book

IngramSpark is a leading publishing company, well known among authors. It is also a main distributor for libraries, aka, libraries order their materials from companies like IngramSpark. Their site’s blog has tons of free blog posts and guides, like this one. Very handy resource in general!

Making a Living as a Self Published Fiction Author

For a long, cold, blunt look at making writing financially viable, take a look at this long post. I particularly liked knowing that it is better to release the first 3 books in a series together, not just Book 1 first.

I got tons more resources I can share. If you want to know about more, leave a comment expressing your interest!

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