Best Pieces of Advice for Writers

I write nearly everyday…unless I get super distracted by work, YouTube, the Internet, etc.

But there are certain things that keep me going as I slog through marketing, revisions, editing, writing new parts of the story, doing research and other activities.

Let’s go. Here they are:

Keep it going.

This is a saying I got from internet Youtuber Dashie. He says it here and there in his videos when he would get close to quitting a game or a level in a game. But this helped me a lot since one of my biggest problems with writing in general, since 2012, has been procrastination. It is SUPER EASY to overthink writing or develop perfectionist tendencies. I’ve learned in the past 2 years to tell myself SCREW IT, GO WRITE. It’s about accepting nothing will be perfect, but it’s much better to make something mediocre than try to slowly make something perfect, but never finish. Getting slow? Getting stuck? Keep it going. Just, keep it going.

No one knows this story but me. I am the only one that can tell it exactly to my vision.

Similar to the last point, this is just a reminder to push myself to finish writing my story, and not slow down due to fear or losing interest.

I have a story I’m dying to tell.

This may sound simple, but this is really one of the key if not the key reason why I write. I have a story in my mind, that I wish to convey to others. My means of conveying it, is through words and writing. This is the source of my motivation, the reason why I spend 20 hours a week on writing stuff. I love my writing. I’m probably obsessed with it. But hey, lots of people are obsessed with OTHERS’ stories, so this is just focusing on a story of my creation.

Remember my goals, and my mission statement.

I normally remember my writing goals, but I also have them written down. My goal isn’t just to “write a story”. I have goals for detail, emotion, characters, story themes and other stuff. It’s good to remember those goals sometimes, to provide direction and some motivation.

Remember the readers, be reader-centric, but don’t try to make all readers happy.

I have great appreciation for the beta readers who have given me specific direction on improving my story. However, people will always have something they wish would be changed about a story. I do my best to not get lost in technical jargon, writer lingo and business terms. Readers who aren’t writers frankly don’t care about the steps taken by writers on the back end to do our writer duties and business duties to bring the story to life. Since my goal is to please readers…I try to not get too into all the writer and business stuff. I pay attention, for sure. But I just try to make the READER more happy than how I would be seen by other writers or non readers, if that makes any sense. My writing will never be perfect though. So even though I want to please readers, ultimately, this is my story. Doesn’t make sense to tear the story apart to please readers if that makes me, the author, miserable. And trust me, there will ALWAYS be stuff readers want changed…just live with them disliking a few things.

Look at the outline! Look at the outline!

I NEVER really get writer’s block, thank god, due to my long outline! When I start to feel lost or stuck as I write, l literally look to the next item on the outline and keep going. Heh.

Marketing is important, very important. But, writing the story still needs to be done.

This is a major thing I’ve been struggling with lately. I have done a lot to overhaul this website, and develop social media presences. I am happy with them and I have learned a lot over time about marketing. But, my story writing progress has slowed a ton, by like, 80%. Marketing is great, and I will do more of it…but man, I need to finish the story too! Lol.

If you want more pieces of advice, let me know!

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