How To Do A Character Study: Let’s Not Make This Boring

I am gonna show you how I developed a deep and fairly comprehensive understanding of my fiction characters, based on prior tips I have used and this cool article from Psyche. I’m gonna work on internalizing or implementing it into my existing analysis.

I already have an Iteni character description note in Evernote, a composite of her character from different angles.

Of course, you need to describe your character. But that’s pretty broad isn’t it? I break it down first with basic visuals and personality. What’s their ethnicity, height, hair shape, clothes that they are wearing? Maybe you know a few outfits or favorite clothes they have.

Then you can step into a slightly deeper level and ask how casual or serious they are, what skin tone they have…what their face shape is.

After you have the basic visuals, the rest really comes down to personality and mannerisms. Think of what five words describe your character’s base personality, or habits the character has.

It may also help to pull out excerpts from the story about the character too.

When you toss all these small facts together, you will quickly assemble a base profile of your character. You know what they wear, how they act, their sense of style etc. You can of course expand on this by getting into dreams, goals, desires, motivations, how the character interacts with others…more behavioral tics or how their personality or other aspects evolve and change over time.

Hope this helps!

3 thoughts on “How To Do A Character Study: Let’s Not Make This Boring

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I must say I’ve not come upon anything like this before so it has opened my eyes, was easy to follow, and not boring at all.


    1. Thank you! I love my characters, so this is a deep way to explore them for serious stories. Of course, doing a study is not a necessity for a great story.


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