What is Widowing?

Widowing targets couples. At the beginning of Splattering Yet Endearing, it is described as “a mysterious cancer-like illness that affects romantic couples and kills one of the two quickly for no apparent reason, maybe because of the close physical contact couples have”.

A senate bill is in the voting process to impose segregation and curfews for at-risk communities due to the ongoing spread of Widowing. The CDC is working on a vaccine for the illness but claims that progress is slow because of the disease’s exclusively human pathology and the legal limitations on human testing and data collection. The job market continues to slip as companies struggle to handle the new environmental hazards and workplace changes. Stock markets have dropped one hundred points today.

News Radio Announcer

Widowing is not specifically defined as a disorder or a disease. It sparks questions, rumors and concerns about its origin and its cause for existence.

Doctors were arguing over whether Widowing was a disease, or a disorder. 
The only thing most know, including me, is that it kills fast. Reminds me of a movie I saw, about a man who was sent to protect the last pregnant woman in the world. There are all kinds of competing arguments about the cause of Widowing. No one knows how it even started. 

Porma, in the hospital waiting room

Read the story to find out more.

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