Get Part 1 And Part 2 Deluxe For Free

As you probably already know, you can read Splattering Yet Endearing Part 1 for free anyways. But, I want to provide a super sweet offer for joining my email club—that Hardcore Fan Club thing on the right of this page.

You’re probably wondering, what’s a Deluxe Edition?

Well, it’s the full story plus extras. Things like behind the scenes info, trivia and lore sheets that may be handy or entertaining to you as you read the story. (I personally refer to it as the Package Edition. You know, the full package.)

It’s like getting extras and special features on DVDs or Blu-Rays.

I will provide both Deluxe Editions for Part 1 and Part 2 for FREE to email subscribers as my way of saying thank you. As of Winter 2021, both are not ready for release (still polishing the eBook files to meet your high quality standards), but I promise I will provide them when they are finished.

Why does this matter?

Splattering Yet Endearing Part 1 Deluxe will NOT be available for sale anywhere. It will be available to email subscribers ONLY.

Splattering Yet Endearing Part 2 Deluxe will ONLY be available for sale on my blog, and it will cost $9.99 for regular customers.

You can’t buy these from Amazon, Nook, Kobo or Google. (Not from me anyways.)

Pretty sure the choice is clear. Join the Hardcore Fan Club, on the right of this page. It’s free to sign up.

Part 1 Book Cover
Part 2 Book Cover

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