Overhauling an Author Website: Web Design’s Its Own Job

As you can see, I manage a simple WordPress blog site. WordPress is one of the most popular website builder products out there. It is very well known for hosting many blogs. And, it’s free to start to use.

I assume you already know how to design a basic website. You know, have a name, have blog posts, incorporate some videos and pictures into your blog.

I am still learning myself. I have had this blog for almost 2 years. I got more into it a few months ago, as I took more interest in my fiction writing. (Splattering Yet Endearing) Over the past few months, I have gradually added more and more pages and posts to my site. On the flip side, I have also been engaging more on other social media sites to share my comments and links to my website here and there.

People expect a lot out of websites today though. So even though I already streamlined my blog menu to be both comprehensive and easy to utilize, I really didn’t do more than minor updates until I got this graphic for Iteni. You know, you see the graphic plastered all over the website. It added great visual flair to compliment all the text and the drab colors around the site.

I got the graphic originally just for Iteni’s Twitter profile, since her profile picture was a bit below standards for a fiction character’s Twitter IMO.

However, I realized I could use the picture wherever really. So I added it to her character page and the landing page for my fiction book series. Then I thought, why not make it the site picture too? It looks pretty beautiful as the site’s banner picture, IMO.

From there, I went on and customized the site’s colors. Customizing colors is a bit tricky, since colors too bright, too dark, or not complimentary will turn off site viewers. After trying like, 5 different sets of colors, I think I have found colors that are both appropriate and easily readable.

And THEN, I went another step beyond and wanted to tinker with the graphic I ordered. So through a combination of using Paint 3D, Paint and GIMP, I created several customized versions of the graphic. They just replace the background’s color. I also used a website to cut the photo into halves and quarters.

You may wonder why I used those programs. Well they are free for one…and Paint 3D has a cool Magic Select feature for picking out the background (mostly). Paint was fine enough for filling in colors with the paint bucket. GIMP let me stitch together pictures into one new picture.

By customizing the photo into different cuts and colored backgrounds, I had even further use for the graphic.

So my website went from blue, grey and drab to what you see now: Colorful, visual and descriptive, with visual branding. I made this stuff all sound simple, but it took 1-2 weeks of tinkering to do all this to my ALREADY existing website!

Comment with any topics you are interested in me posting about!

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