Who the hell is Iteni?

Iteni is a blonde, 18 year old girl who moved up to Maine after high school—and dropping out of college. She dropped out to focus on writing a book, apparently.

In high school, she was a pretty girl. She frequently wandered around calmly with her long, dark, golden, blonde hair. I guess you could say her hair looked like honey strands.

Decently chatty and energetic, she is the high school crush of Porma.

She has a whole one story home to herself, plus a basement, in a Maine suburb.

She likes to quietly stare, a lot.

Apart from working at some part time jobs with Porma, she’s just short, blonde, thin and attentive.

A rich layer of gleaming, yellow hair swept past my eyes—with a curious and neutral glare. It was so unbelievably wonderful—sitting down next to me—as I expressed blankness. Her hair was like stands of literal gold.


You can learn more about her in Part 1 and on her Twitter.


  • She’s short and has lived in New England all her life.
  • Her hair has varying descriptions, from Porma. It can be summed up as long, flowing, bold, dark honey, golden, dark blonde hair.
  • Her default hairstyle is layers, loose and untied on the left and right sides of her head.
  • Her clothing style is casual, and she rarely wears makeup, if ever.
  • Her skin is pretty pale and her face is oval.

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