Top Things I Think About Readers As an Author

Hi Reader.

You like yourself. You are interested in myself.

As a fiction writer, I have to be interested in an entire world and all the details and actions that go on in that world. Here are the top things I think about YOU.

I’m not here to please you

For all the effort I go through, the hundreds of hours over weeks, months…years…you BET the story I write is something I like. I wanted to write because I wanted to make my mark on…. the world.

I try really hard to make the story enjoyable for you

You hypocrite! Yeah, well, what’s the point of writing a story if no one will read it?

Ultimately, making any book or story is intended for an audience. It makes me feel good to give you a good experience. You probably have no idea how many times I’ve read over a scene, a sentence, a phrase—making it the best I can, the easiest to read it can be. I have to somehow funnel information to you over hundreds of pages that’s FUN, INFORMATIVE, EASY TO DIGEST, and COHESIVE. Do you know how hard it is to do that all at the same time, ALL the time? It requires a lot of thinking, editing and rereading…

I hope you’re smart

In the quest to make the story enjoyable and FUN, it is tempting at times to dumb things down or blatantly explain something to the reader. Hey. I watch movies and have subtle stuff fly way past my head until I read it an hour later on IMDB trivia. But I want the reader to get…mostly everything out of the story. So I hope you catch the FULL story I’m trying to tell. If you can’t…that’s a tragedy for both of us eh? A waste of my time and you didn’t even notice it.

No, I’m not some coffee snob with a writing regiment.

Some people may like to have a cup of coffee with their natural sunlight and incense…. that’s not me. I have pleeeeennnnnty to do in terms of writing. Yeah, I personally listen to music and munch on food or gum. But I’m here to write. Lot’s to do. Who has the spare time and energy for a ritual?

Good writers use simple words.

I’m sure geniuses and prodigies use complex vocabulary more often, but remember, the whole idea of communication is to convey ideas to others. If you lose them through the inability to simplify your communication down to simple words that they understand…that’s a PROBLEEEEEEEMMM! : )

You’ll probably never notice us and that’s OK.

In my opinion, writers often go unnoticed in the real world. The directors, actors, and others get the spotlight. But frankly, writers have to think about other people. There is so much selflessness going to the focus on the characters, the places, the story—you know—things other than yourself, that the writer itself kind of submerges into and behind the story itself. But that’s the whole point. We are here to tell a STORY. About OTHER PEOPLE, unless you are talking about a self biography. We want to leave the bulk of the story for everything but ourselves, mostly anyways.

It’s a lot of work.

Think writing a book is easy? Try writing a GOOD one, in UNDER 6 months.

I’m getting so off track here. Typical writer’s imagination. And yes, I know Nanowrimo is a thing. Good for them.

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