Why It’s Fun To Write

I gotta admit, at this point with my writing, my writing feels like work in a way. I have to be very regimented when I write. It isn’t just write a story and done. Noooooooo. Here are the things I do as my process:

  • Open the story doc
    • Open other docs with lists of things like clothes, locations, etc
    • Start writing more of the story
    • Stop occasionally to look something up online
    • Reread what I just wrote, check if it is good quality or sounds awkward, fix if needed
    • Review my lists of clothes and other items to see if I should use an item or not
    • Check if the current scene or action is in congruence with details from 3 or 10 scenes ago
    • Think of a really good description, word or phrase for this point of the story

And then about once a week, I actually reread whatever I wrote for that week. This is all separate from the marketing and promotion I do for my fiction series on WordPress, YouTube, etc.

Now I know you prob don’t care about all the behind the scenes stuff I need to do to get the story on a silver platter to readers. But I actually enjoy doing these things, and willingly spend my free time and weekends on this project!

It’s tedious and slow to be so detailed, calculated, quality-concerned and all. But writing provides a vast degree of freedom. Freedom to set scenes, grow characters, enhance or bring up story themes, etc.

Truth be told, there isn’t a clear base reason why I write. I have reasons why I write. But at the heart of it, I just really want to tell a story. Why?

I just do.

No reason.

This stuff is fun for me because I have a ton of control and freedom as I write. (In a way, all the systems and note taking and tracking actually hinder creative freedom and all, but I still retain ultimate control myself.)

Writing is fun to me because of that sheer freedom and the ability to decide for myself. In life, we don’t always get an environment like that.

Also all the stuff I mentioned is mainly there to achieve my high quality goal for my writing. Thanks to the agency of me picking to do that goal and support it with the note taking, it feels good actually.

Why am I drastically reducing speed and efficiency to get higher quality?

I’ve seen too many basic or underdeveloped stories. I love deep stories. I love getting invested in a world, the characters, the story. I want my writing to improve on the status quo. I also want it to infuse elements that I like, aheheheh.

Why should it be fun for you to write?

It’s a cheap, accessible way to express yourself. You can start with any idea in your head and run with it on your computer or piece of paper!

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