Who the hell is Porma?

Porma is a 21 year old college dropout. Tall, nerdy and Asian, he just escaped Florida, his college and AIDS-2. Iteni, his old high school crush, happens to live in Maine—in a whole home.

He is her new roommate.

Porma really wants Iteni. He really tries to understand her and enjoy the sights of her, quietly and with a lot of thinking. He does likes chicken. He is a fan of fast food, just like Iteni. He wants to try…

In her home, he often sits on Iteni’s living room sofa and surfs the internet on his black laptop, when he isn’t doing various part time jobs.

I wake up in a bed, next to this girl. Her long, blonde hair and pale, pretty face are welcoming.

I moved to Maine a few months ago.

I changed my name to Porma. She changed her name too, to Iteni. Doesn’t stop how pretty she is.

I can still look at her. Her body will be mine.

Widowing infects couples, but that won’t stop me. We can still work together on those cold nights. I will catch her, like all the falling leaves around her home.


Read Splattering Yet Endearing Part 1 on Wattpad.


  • Porma’s parents are divorced by the beginning of the story.
  • He likes to call his laptop his “large command on power”.
  • During the first few months at Iteni’s home, Porma and Iteni rarely talked to each other.
  • Iteni judges Porma when he buys his favorite local food, Maine lobsters, to boil at home.
  • He loved to watch Iteni’s pearly white face as she fed dogs outside on their street.
  • He got nervous watching Iteni write at her kitchen table prior to the first scene in the story.
  • Porma is partially nervous over Iteni because of Widowing paranoia at the beginning of the story.
  • Porma rambled and overthought too much in his head, according to some beta readers, so his thinking was reduced or otherwise balanced for the current intro in Splattering Yet Endearing Part 1.

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