Writing Update and Current Writing Plan

Oy, trying to balance between all my outreach outlets…places where I share my writing and promote my writing. Kinda a lot to handle this, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad and Medium, geesh. (LinkedIn is, ehhh.)

From my observation of other creators who are successful and I use for inspiration, people mainly just care about the main content itself. Take any creator—Angry Joe, Nostalgia Critic, AVGN, Harry Potter. Most people JUST focus on their new releases of their bread and butter, their main content. Their books. Their reviews. They may offer other extra content and behind the scenes, but the core of their audience engagement is their main content.

So, I will do the same. I will still offer extra content and BTS stuff here and there, but I know what the people generally want. More story. So most of my writing time will be….for writing and editing. Sounds simple. As you can see with other people, not always easy to follow!

Marketing is important because…I would LIKE for people to find and read my story. So to do that, I need to do some marketing. Jeez, I’m so shy and would rather write, but I need to gather interested readers at SOME POINT. Why not start early?

Sorry for the rambling. Here’s some hardcore points.

  • I am hoping to be part of a group author interview event in January at Winter Park Public Library. I found this via a post in a Central Florida writer’s group on Facebook. Great lead! I hope it works out and I meet other writers and readers, and get some outreach for my writing.
  • I’m gonna spend 95% of my time writing and editing my story. The other 5% is this here, marketing my book/story!
  • It’s kinda tricky figuring out what to post on the different social media platforms. Gonna figure it out and entrench myself—as I go!
  • Writing is going along well now. Just finished off a nice scene that really blossomed out of nowhere. Happy it did….went a lot longer than I thought it would. Oh well!
  • I am really getting into fully and deeply developing the characters. Not just as templates or their actions, but their emotions, their emotional range. Their specific reactions, moods and personalities. Yeah. Deep.

That’s all for now. On to other posting on other social media…

Porma is calming down with the 4th wall in Twitter. He’s lonely and confused, just like how I am still getting my bearings with all this social media.


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