Social Media-Free Content

While I still work on the story, I am slowly rolling out free content and building awareness for my story on social media. Story content is on several of these platforms. There is extra, non-canon content on several platforms too.

Each platform will feature unique material. Check each one out for material above and beyond this blog!

Splattering Yet Endearing Facebook page. (The main page for my story and story updates.)

Porma Twitter account. (Fourth wall breaking fun with the main character, Porma.)

Iteni Twitter account. (Iteni breaking the fourth wall.)

Author Twitter. (It’s just me.)

Wattpad account. (Read Part 1 for FREE here.) account. (This poem is featured in my story.)

YouTube account. (Videos about Splattering Yet Endearing, fiction writing, etc.)

Instagram account. (Visual fiction/writing content.)

Pinterest. (More pictures above and beyond the Instagram pictures, with behind the scenes material)

Goodreads. (Chat with me and all)

Tumblr. (Reminds me of Instagram and Pinterest?)

Scribophile. (Another place to chat with me)

Inkitt. (Similar to Wattpad)

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