Update Since Sept 2019


Apparently I have not updated this blog in one whole year! Well, at least I have more writing to show for it.

Key Updates:

  • Publishing: Decided that when I publish the story, it will be in parts. The first part, Splattering Yet Endearing Part 1, will be free to all to fully read and download…mainly so that I can get a wider audience and not have pricing be a barrier to reading my stuff. Technically I could release it right now, Part 1, but I want to finish everything and release everything to get the useful binge effect and not have readers drop off as the series goes on. I am excited to one day share Part 1 freely and hopefully get people to buy the other parts once Part 1 hooks them.
  • Writing Progress: Wrote a ton since Sept 2019! Still not done with the story, but I made significant progress with the story given my constraints with working full time. The COVID-19 pandemic (I’ll just call it COVID from now on or covid) really helped give me more time to write too. I wrote a ton of scenes including finishing Part 1 and nearly completing Part 2.

Hold up. Why multiple parts?

-Well, honestly, I would rather publish it as one huge story, but people can get scared by length. So to make the format more pleasing and digestible, publishing in parts is OK with me. Also the Evernote program literally could not handle a super super super long note for my whole story, so the program itself forced me to break up the story into multiple notes or multiple parts to continue writing.

  • Writing Productivity: I started using a timer to keep track and keep steady my writing productivity since the start of the covid pandemic.

Honestly, I already have my own personal journal of my writing story with writing SYE. But this is a form of relaxing and also having public outreach with my writing. I spend so much time writing that public outreach or marketing is something I need to address someday…so here I am!

Going forward, I really want to fast track finishing the story so I can just get it out there, and not take another 10 years to finish this. I still have a commitment to high quality though…which slows me down often. But it is a great way to learn and makes the whole project a mind opening, intellectual challenge, as I focus on quality all around.

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