The Importance Of A Mission Statement

A key document for my fiction writing throughout my 7 years of delayed and procrastinated writing is my mission statement document. Although I do not write much in it on a daily basis, it is so useful because it keeps me track on what I want my story as a whole to express, in the big picture.

I think that a mission statement document is essential when you have large stories you want to tell, such as mine. It is already hard enough to come up with good characters, good scenes and a good story. But making sure you get some big message across or fulfill a big goal with your project as a whole? An outline cannot cover that. An outline is useful for scene-by-scene, step-by-step, planning.

A mission statement helps to remind you as you are deep within scenes 50 and 51 out of 200, what you want all these scenes to convey together to the audience!

A mission statement can contain whatever you want it to have. At minimum there should be one sentence about what you want your story to accomplish. This is what my mission statement contains after 7 years of slowly on and off fine tuning it.

-Story Tone, what narrative style to go for

-Story Focus, big picture or details

-Summary, mission statement written as one paragraph

-List of Genres, genres included a little or a lot in the story

-Key Words, single words that describe the story ideally

-Story Goals, what feeling I want to be achieved when reading the story, what message I want to get across, themes I want the story to explore

-List of Characters and their basic Bios

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