How To Find Inspiration or Ideas When Writing Fiction

One common question aspiring writers may have when writing is: I don’t know what to write, where do I get ideas from?

In reality there are many places you can look for inspiration, such as:

People around you

Movies and TV shows you watch (an homage or reference is usually fine, copying is not though)

Yourself! The way you think and the way you act. You would be surprised how many ideas and concepts stem from your own personality and behavior!

For example, when I was struggling to think of the next scene in the fiction I am writing now

I genuinely thought about a scene I thought would be cool, which made me think of a horror scene. Then, I listened to some music from Resident Evil and Dead Space to get myself in the mood or atmosphere. Then I forced my characters into a straight horror type scene based on what I thought was cool.

I hope this helps!

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