Why do I even bother writing?

I studied accounting college and largely live in a realm of business and money. So then, why do I even like writing?

Well, I actually like writing fiction.

My interest in fiction began because when I was a senior in high school I got a huge crush on a girl. It was such a huge crush, I didn’t even realize that I had a crush until a month or two after it began.

It didn’t work out. But a few days after my crush started I realized that I needed an outlet for my feelings. I was too shy to tell her at the time, and even after I asked her out and it didn’t work (she had a boyfriend), I still needed an outlet for my feelings.

So more or less I turned to fiction aka fantasy. I wrote pretty-hard-to-understand, raw journal notes to myself about my feelings. Over time I converted my thoughts and feelings into fiction stories. I have written 8 of them so far, all embarrassing, all unpublished.

However, over time, the stories I wrote got better and better. They also got longer and longer too. They went from about 10 pages long for the first story to 100 pages long for the 8th story. I started to include more coherent and interesting scenes in each story. The stories got easier to read as I got more and more used to turning the thoughts of the story in my head into words directly on my iPad in Evernote at the time.

Why do I like writing? It is an outlet that has a ton of freedom. It is also a cheap hobby! You can write with a pen and paper, or step up to a note app on your tablet or computer. Nowadays I like to be “advanced” and write via Evernote for my fiction stories and access it on my laptop, online or on my phone anytime. I will admit though, the best place to write is on a paper or computer though. Although I fondly recall those hours per day spent listening to music and tapping furiously on my iPad while a chilly winter went on outside my home, you write way more easily and quickly on a computer or piece of paper.

Why do I like fiction writing? You can write about anything. Anything at all you like. There is just a great sense of freedom in how flexible and simple it is. I can write about robots. I can write about a war. I can write about the future. I can write about 10 characters. I can write about two characters. It is fun!

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