Mechanics for Fiction: Practicality Through Creativity

The article photo was taken by me during a sunset at Canobie Lake Park, New Hampshire while overlooking Canobie Lake at the boat dock. 

This is a exploration of my limited personal perspective on how creativity can be useful.

People can be fascinating, to me. People can inspire all sorts of emotions inside oneself. Anger, happiness, memories, pain, euphoria and more. You could see many people and have no feeling for them. You can see one person and feel nearly endlessly because of that individual’s presence. People can totally change how you see life and the atmosphere of where you are. They can comfort you, entertain you, worry you and puzzle you. I like writing fiction in part because of this, for exploring so deeply about a person, a character, and their appearance, wants, personality, relationships, preferences and more. Beyond what your friend likes to do or the clothes you wear every day, one can ponder the past and future of an individual through putting him or her into a story. Fiction can also explore ideas as well. 

My imagination is very concerned with how relationships work. How does love work? What does it mean? 

Are there traits that make one more ready for romance?

My personal creativity cares a lot about nature and technology. Technology is very powerful, and gives people much higher potential and power than they would otherwise be lost without. Think about your phone, car, email etc. However, nature was the original and long-standing environment for people. Nature has a diverse population of creatures. For all the amazement of a roller coaster or a smartphone, a tree is just as comparable. It helps make oxygen! Ever compare a laptop to a rainforest? A rainforest may seem insignificant, until one learns about how it supports the lives of many animals and houses unique creatures that could not survive otherwise in other environments. 

I also believe in passion and energy. Time and distance means nothing to me. Why let go of someone? The world is driven by caring, at least in part. Helping a person with their problems or when they are down, when not caring otherwise results in a continuing problem. Just keep trying. Don’t give up. Caring about things and continuing to try can bring great relief to other people and turn a problem into something with a solution if one tries. To me, giving up on a problem does not solve the problem. Pessimism aside, I think that devoting a lot of energy and giving a long time to something is very honorable. It expresses very clearly that you care, and that something is meaningful to you. To me, having a nearly endless passion is how you win. You metaphorically throw all yourself into something you care about. 

So then of course, reflexively, I believe that neglecting something or leaving it behind is a shame. 

I am also very interested with my other gender. There are competing arguments, but nonetheless, the way girls generally act fully entertains me. As girls and women are my potential friends, lovers, conversationalists and make up nearly 50% of all people in the entire world, they are at a minimum entertaining. The dynamics between men and women can be complex and at times difficult to comprehend with stability. To me, there is one thing to interact and socialize with your own gender. No matter what, things change when being social and doing things involves the other gender. 

What can passion do? Is love enough?

What does it take to become bright or mend a broken self?

What does one do with perfectionism?

How far can one go?

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