Imagination: A Deeper, Specific, Personal Analysis

The photo was taken by me and shows the Milwaukee skyline over the water of Lake Michigan.

Looking just at my ideals contained in my imagination.

How great can a relationship become?

What can love and passion do?

What could the future be like?

Imagining the future is a very entertaining thing to do. It can be a wonder to try and predict how things will change in the future of one’s life or one’s world. I think that it can be more important to examine how the future world changes the life/lives for the individual.

What is the possible extent of human evolution, and manufactured evolution?

Kind of another way to ask of the potential of people. 

What is the role of relationships?

What would my ideal life look like?

I just wondered, probably too much about what it is like to have a love life. A few years ago, I thought about the future and what kind of adversary I could face in the future. I pushed my curiosity and looked into my personal past and personal interests to consider what I really wanted and really enjoyed. A life of selected topics. The subjects that interested me the most. I try to create a story that I would really love and also be a kind of time capsule of myself when I was 18-20. I wanted to see how far I would go and how far I could go. I wanted to preserve the sensation of being thrillingly interested in someone, to remind myself that I once had an ideal vision of love. I had a life that I knew I really wanted at one point in my life. There was a time where I changed and transformed so much and went into a spectacular new era. 

I wanted to keep the best of myself. I want to be able to present in the future my purest, earnest and frankly naive idea of a dream. I let my interests and dreams and likes and emotions run. Probably like other people, I knew that the special first dream you have tends to get washed away and turn more and more jaded over time. 

What does it look like to take all your dreams, fantasies, and past enjoyments and put them together?

What do I want in totality? Who do I want in my life? What would I be like at 21 and beyond?

What is the ideal fiction story to me?

What matters to you, based on your life right now?

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